Marketing Consultants Show How to Grow Sales, Patients, and Customers

Consultants by definition provide expert advice, education, training, support, and/or connections to resources in exchange for a fee.

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Notice that the definition of a consultant does not include “selling.” Digital marketing consultants do not sell online marketing products and services like search engine optimization (SEO), Google pay-per-click advertising (PPC), website design and development, reputation management, retargeting, social engagement, mobile application development, or any online advertising.


Expert marketing consultants show you how to align your marketing with your organizational goals. They’ll show you how to identity, measure, and get better at optimizing your key business drivers like your new customer or patient acquisition cost, or your number of new website leads.


Many digital marketing agencies, vendors, and companies try to position their sales people as consultants.



Don't be fooled


In truth, employees of most agencies and internet marketing service providers are sales people. Their goal is to sell you specific advertising and marketing services that their company provides, and they are paid commissions based on what you purchase.


An expert marketing consultant will be paid by the hour, month, or project. They will charge you a fee for services that include; marketing and business plans, brand development, lead generation, competitive research and analysis, customer research and analysis, market research and analysis, product or service research and analysis, project management, vendor screening, etc. They will educate you on the benefits and risks, advise you about priorities and choices, and they will conduct regular marketing performance reviews. The best marketing consultants will help you build a foundation that will let you measure and optimize your performance throughout your customer’s buying cycle over time.


Your marketing foundation should be built on #4 key concepts. They are;


  1. Understanding your top customer types, and their buying behaviors.
  2. Giving your top customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.
  3. Developing measurement metrics and collecting data that shows how well you are accomplishing what you must do to be successful.
  4. Optimizing your marketing performance based on your performance results.




  1. You don’t know what your top customer groups want, and how to influence them to buy from you.


  1. You don’t know your new customer acquisition costs.


  1. You can’t measure the return on investment from each of your marketing and advertising investments.


  1. You have a limited marketing budget to drive sales, or accomplish your goals, and your not sure how to be effective.


  1. You feel like your marketing is an expense instead of a profit center.


If you feel like any of the reasons above fits you, a good marketing consultant will help you align your marketing with your organizational goals, they will help you develop performance metrics to measure and optimize you marketing performance, and they will share their guidance, resources, and knowledge to help you accomplish your goals.


Never purchase marketing from anyone, or any company that has not asked you first about your business goals, how you will measure performance, and what your expectations are. If they don’t know the answers to those basic marketing questions, they can’t possibly understand your challenges, or know if they truly have a service that helps your organization succeed.


Denver, Colorado based URWA Consulting has helped more than two hundred businesses and organizations understand and improve their online marketing. The company’s Managing Partners have more than 50 years of combined marketing, business development, sales, and engineering experience. To guaranteed performance URWA Consulting works on a month-to-month retainer; beginning at less than $500 per month.


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