36 Free Marketing Tools for Any Business


SiteBuilder.com: https://www.sitebuilder.com/: Easy to use. You choose a domain, pick a template, and launch your website.

Websitebuilder.com: https://www.websitebuilder.com/: Choose a domain name, pick a template and build your website. Also, includes email, SEO tools, and eCommerce so you can start selling.

Free Directory Listings

GetListed.org and SEOMoz: https://moz.com/local: Helps local search engines find your business on the leading online directories.

Business Intelligence

Google Alerts: https://www.google.com/alerts: lets you create alerts to monitor the web and report back to you about whatever you want; including your competitors. Everyone should set up a Google Alert on their own business or organization. 

Website Checkup and Analysis

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader: https://marketing.grader.com/: This tool looks beyond your website SEO into your company’s online marketing, and reports what it finds.

WooRank: https://www.woorank.com/: Performs a broad analysis of any website; including SEO, usability, mobile readiness, and social friendliness.

Find Broken Links: http://www.keywordspy.com/: Finds broken links and generates an XML sitemap that can be submitted to the search engines.

Nibbler: www.nibller.silktide.com: Enter any website address and Nibbler gives you a score on ten different areas, including accessibility, SEO, social media, and use of technology. Limited to one report per week for free. 


SEO Site Checkup: http://seositecheckup.com/: User friendly analysis and monitoring of your SEO.

Onpage Optimization Tool: http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/seo-tools/free-optimization/: This tool analyzes your on page SEO, and it lets you see your website as the search engine spiders do.

Open Site Explorer: https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/: Provides a summary of your websites page authority, domain authority, social metrics, and links; (limited to 3 per day).

Side-By-Side Comparison Tool: https://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/seo-tools/seo-compare/: Compares the SEO on up to five websites at once. 

Social Media

Hootsuite: https://hootsuite.com/: manage your social media profiles from one dashboard. Saves time publishing new content, and helps measure your social media performance.

SocialMention: http://socialmention.com/: Aggregates user generated content from 100+ social media sources so you can listen in on social conversations about any topic or brand.

LaterBro: http://laterbro.com/: Schedule recurring Facebook updates or tweets from multiple Twitter accounts.

Twazzup: http://www.twazzup.com/: Monitors Twitter and generates real-time updates on the most active influencers tweeting about your topic.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner: http://www.smartinsights.com/search-engine-marketing/keyphrase-analysis/google-keyword-planner/: helps you find and understand the number of keyword searches used when people search for your product or service.

Google Trends: https://www.google.com/trends/: Helps identify which keywords are trending up or down over time and geographies that you control.

SEOBook Keyword Tool: http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/: register for a free account, and get access to many SEO tools, including their excellent Keyword Research tool.

Wordstream Free Keyword Tool: http://www.wordstream.com/keywords: Great tool. But, you only get 30 free searches before they try to sell you a subscription.


Performance Grader: http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords: Using your Google AdWords account you can get a report analyzing your AdWords program.

AdWords Landing Page Grader: http://www.wordstream.com/landing-page: Identifies your top AdWords landing pages and checks them for best marketing practices and content.

Competitor Analysis

SimilarWeb: http://www.similarweb.com/about: provides information on the sources of inbound and outbound referrals, organic and pay-per-click keywords, including traffic by geographic area both in the U.S. and overseas.

Alexa Toolbar: http://www.alexa.com/toolbar: See the traffic, links, and an analysis of any website that you are on by clicking the “site info” button.

Keyword Spy: http://www.keywordspy.com/: Discover the keywords your competitors are using for both organic SEO and PPC.


Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator: http://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator: Use this free toll when you don’t know what to blog about. It’s fast, easy, free, and effective.

Content Idea Generator: http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker: Just enter a keyword and get new content ideas for website, blog, or social media.


Readability Test Tool: http://read-able.com/: Tests the readability of any web page by entering a block of text or a web address for an easy-to-use analysis of your content.

Hemingway: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/: Paste content into the app. and get an analysis that highlights dense passages, unnecessary adverbs, and much more.

After the Deadline: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/after-the-deadline/fcdjadjbdihbaodagojiomdljhjhjfho: Uses artificial intelligence to checks spelling, style, and grammar in your browser.

File Sharing

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/: Register to get a free account and start sharing files, images, and projects with anyone, anywhere. The software crawls all of the documents on the website.


Nobert: https://www.voilanorbert.com/: Simple and quick way to find someone’s email address.

Rapportive: http://rapportive.com/: Provides additional information about your email contacts by showing you their photo, business address, and what they do.

Email Hunter: https://emailhunter.co/: Find all of the email addresses of a domain simply by putting the domain in their search box.

Sidekick: http://www.getsidekick.com/: Sends you email notifications when a prospect opens your email and alerts you when an old lead revisits your website.

Public Relations

HARO: http://www.helpareporter.com/: Sign up for HARO alerts and learn when a journalist is looking for an expert source, or a story angel.

Sales Prospecting

SalesLoft Prospector: https://salesloft.com/products/prospector: Automates list building through the power of social networks, and links directly to your CRM.

DocuSign: https://www.docusign.com/: Helps ay business easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud.

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