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Hello! My name is Jeff Stewart. As one of the Founding Partners at URWA Consulting, I’d like to take a minute and share with you why we founded our company and believe you as a business owner will find value in our services.

Large advertising companies spend millions of dollars constantly training highly skilled sales forces on closing strategies to be used in meetings with business owners like yourself each and every day; what questions to ask, how to handle objections, how to position various products, and most important how to close the deal. Sales calls are orchestrated with such precision that at the end of the meeting you as a business owner are manipulated into believing that you have to purchase their products and/or services if you’re truly serious about growing your business.

Once you’ve signed the contract and enough time has passed - reality sets in and seldom, if ever, does the advertising you’ve purchased ever meet your expectations. Your program wasn’t implemented as promised, you’re confronted with unusually long delays in getting problems resolved all while you the business owner are locked into paying your bill each month because you’ve signed a contract stating the company has 12 months to deliver services that were promised.

What’s hidden from you is the negligence associated with your advertising program because the department responsible for implementation has no real vested interest in ensuring it’s launched accurately. The company objective has been achieved; the contract signed and money collected.

How am I able to make such claims? Prior to co-founding URWA Consulting I worked several years for a company widely touted as the #1 provider of digital marketing solutions in the nation and I observed such occurrences daily. This company, possessing undeniable knowledge of certain product deficiencies, still directed their sales force to offer them as a solution during sales calls. For every business owner with the good fortune to experience a return on their advertising investment there are literally hundreds who have simply purchased more headaches and frustrations than one could imagine.

How do you protect yourself from predatory companies who believe its ok to conduct business this way? How do you know when you’re in this situation? With the deck stacked so heavily against business owners in this industry we felt there was a real need and significant opportunity to provide our services in an effort to help balance the scales. Rarely, are your needs as a business owner ever given serious consideration. Our objective at URWA Consulting is to apply our industry knowledge and experience in a more ethical manner by representing you the business owner to ensure you truly receive value and full transparency before transactions are conducted.

At best, it’s extremely difficult for most small to medium sized businesses to successfully conduct operations on a daily basis while at the same time keep informed on new advertising technologies. Our philosophy is simple - We believe it makes good business sense to outsource that effort to a firm that specializes in the industry. As a consulting firm, we don’t offer any advertising services ourselves; therefore we can ensure you’re presented with the “best-in-class” opportunities available at the time. What’s more, by creating an environment where you as a business owner can partner with other businesses requiring similar support, we’re able to offer our services to you at a discount as the financial expense is shared by all instead of you alone. Yet you still benefit from all of our industry experience with the ability at times to take advantage of more competitive rates that come from being part of a larger group of businesses looking for specific advertising services.

In short, we believe we can successfully conduct business by truly adopting a win-win philosophy and we openly welcome each and every opportunity to prove it. Give us a call today and we will prove it to you. Thank you!

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